Alessandro Iacovacci



My interest in photography began in 2009 with the purchase of a small bridge camera. It was perfect to get started with as it was simple to use and small to carry about. That same year, whilst travelling, I had the good fortune of meeting my wife-to-be, who was also passionate about photography, and from then on our cameras accompanied us everywhere.

In 2013 we were asked to photograph a friend's wedding. It was our first experience of being 'behind the scenes' and we loved being able to capture such a happy occasion. Luckily for us our friends were just as satisfied, word started to spread and our experience grew as we were given many more opportunities to photograph many such special occasions.

Working side-by-side has proved to be very successful as our different set of skills, mine being more technical and hers being more artistic, when put together make a great combination. In the carousel above you can see a tiny selection of my personal photos taken for pleasure. If you would like to see more of our work, especially our wedding photography, please have a look at our website: